We build Bathroom storage Cabinets.  When you need storage space in the Bathroom, we can build them to meet your needs.  There are several types of Cabinets that are generally built for the Bathroom.  Whether you need them for Towels, Medicine or other purposes our Cupboard makers are your number one choice.

Cabinets can be built to compliment the Bathroom Vanity.  They can also be affordable.  Quite often a small Cabinet will work for your needs as a lot of homeowners store their towels and sheets in another Cabinet outside the Bathroom.  This enables you to use your Medicine Cabinets for medicines and other small items.

There are several things that you may need to store in the Bathroom.  In the picture below there are Cupboards where they store towels and linens.  There are Cupboards above the toilet used to store toilet paper, soap dispensers and other items.  The corner Cupboard can also be used to store soaps and other items for personal hygiene.  There are also more places to store items in the Bathroom Vanity.

Types of Cupboards that Can Be Used To Store Items:

We encourage homeowners to contact Kitchen & Bath Werks about your new Cupboards.  Our Cabinet shop and general contractor are eager to guide you through the process of designing, building and installing the new Cupboards for your Bath.  Our expert Cupboard makers are specialists in wood working and Cupboard construction.  We use quality materials and high grade woods when we build Cupboards.

We guarantee customer satisfaction when we sell our Cupboards to homeowners.  We sell Cabinets to homeowners throughout the United States. For most homes, we sell pre-fabricated Cabinets. Our pre-fab Cupboards are made from high grade woods.  We do not sell seconds.  Cabinets can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. When you need an affordable Cabinet shop to buy Cupboards for the Bathroom from, contact us to see what we can do for you.  Our sales team is waiting for your call.  Our prices are affordable.

In the picture below the Cupboards have a modern look.  The white color and modern construction of this remodel make it a modern bathroom design.  the granite counter top for the Vanity compliments the modern look of Cupboards.  Our paint crew used white paint to match the Cabinets.

bathroom storage cabinet

In the picture above, we did this Bathroom remodeling.  The small Bathroom Cabinets are great for Medicine, Towels and much more.  The white color of the Cabinets gives this Bath a modern look.  Ask us about options in Cabinetry.

To find out more about Bathroom storage Cabinets call us at (909)573-5844.  We can provide a free consultation.  To inquire online fill out our request quote form.  We will contact you soon.

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