We can build Bathroom Wall Cabinets for your Bathroom remodeling.  There are a lot of reasons to get a new Cabinet.  These types of Cupboards may include storage, Towel, Medicine Cabinets and much more.

When you are doing bathroom remodeling and have extra space we can install a wall mounted Bathroom Cabinet for storage.  Our Cabinet shop can either build custom Cabinets or sell Pre-Fabricated Cabinets.  For people out of our general contractors service area we can sell pre-fabricated Bathroom Cabinets and any Cabinet for other parts of the house.  Just give us your measurements and we will send your Cabinets.

Our Bathroom Wall storage Cabinets can be made from a variety of woods.  Depending on the type of wood you like there can be several options.  We can create Oak, Cherry, Maple Cabinets and much more.  These Cabinets can be made to have a modern design.

When we are remodeling your Bath and you are considering wall mounted Cabinets, our craftsmen can install a wall mounted Vanity.  Normally this Vanity comes with a wall mounted Medicine Cabinet. Another option is an in wall Medicine Cabinet.

For Baths that have an empty corner our Cupboard Makers can install a custom or pre-fab corner wall Cabinet.  Along with a corner wall Cabinet, we create solid wood wall Cabinets. One type of wood Cabinet is a Cherry wall Cabinet.  Wood Cabinets can be used as a farmhouse wall Cabinet.  One of the options for wood Cabinets is to install wood wall Cabinets over the toilet. Another option for wood Cupboards is to install rustic wood wall Cabinets.

For Baths that have a lot of wood, we can build brown wall Cabinets.  Along with your brown Cabinets, we can create a wall mount Double Vanity.  These are great for bathrooms where you have multiple kids. We also have other colors in wall Cabinets.  We can create grey wall Cabinets.   Another color available is white.  Our Cupboard Makers can install a white wall mounted Cabinet.  We also have black available and can create black wall mounted Cabinets.

For Baths with a lot of wall space, we can install a large wall Cabinet.  Next to the large Cabinet and the modern Vanity we can install a wall mount Medicine Cabinet.  On the other side of the Vanity, we can also install wall hung Cabinets.

For bathrooms that have space for linens, we can create custom or sell pre-fab wall mounted linen Cabinets. Most homes have a Cabinet outside the Bathroom for linens.  When you have more space you can have linen Cabinets in the Bathroom.

When you have a corner that is empty, Our Cupboard makers can build a custom or sell a pre-fab corner Cabinet that is wall mounted. For Baths without a lot of space, next to the corner, our craftsmen can install a narrow wall Cabinet.

For Baths that have space for Cabinets on the sink, we can create wall mounted Sink Cabinets.  In the picture below, the double Vanity includes wall mounted Sink Cabinets.  In some cases we can also use a wall mounted double Vanity.

For Baths that have a place for Cabinets above the toilet, we can create a toilet wall Cabinet.  Along with your toilet Wall Cabinets, we can create a wall mounted Mirror with storage above the Vanity.   Our Cupboard makers can also create tall wall Cabinets near your toilet.

For small Baths our general contractor can create slim wall Cabinets.  These type of Cabinets work when you have to store small items.  Generally slim Cabinets are used to store perfumes, potpourri and other soaps.

When you need more drawers than what comes with your Vanity, we can create a wall Cabinet with drawers.  These drawers can be used for storage space.  In the picture below, the wall Cabinets on the double Bathroom Vanity have drawers.

Another type of Cabinet we can create and install is a shallow wall Cabinet.  Along with this Cabinet, we can also create wall storage Cabinets with doors.  Like in some of the pictures below, we can create small wall mounted Cabinets.

When you combine the laundry room with the bathroom it makes sense to add a storage Cabinet above the washer and drier.  This can make space for bleaches, detergents and other cleaning products.

In the picture below the Cabinet is made for linens.  They have a modern look and are painted white.  These storage Cabinets came with this double Vanity.

bathroom wall cabinet

In the picture above, we did this Bathroom remodeling.  These Wall Cabinets compliment the Vanity.  This master remodel also has a Jacuzzi Bathtub.  The white construction around the Jacuzzi Bathtub compliments the new Cabinets.

bathroom wall cabinet

In the picture above, when doing a Bath remodel, we installed this wall Cabinet.  This wall Cabinet is painted white.  It also has a Mirror and can be used as a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet.  It can used to store perfumes.

wall cabinet

In the picture above, when doing a remodel, we built this custom Wall Cabinet.  The shelves are great for vases, soaps, towels and personal items.  This Cupboard also has a center Cabinet.  The Wall Cabinet is painted white.

For people who want deeper Cabinets, our Cupboard makers can create deep wall Cabinets.  Our Cabinet installers can install them in your Bathroom.  While we install these deep wall Cabinets our Cupboard makers and installers can create a corner wall Vanity. To go with the deep Cupboards, we can create wide wall Cabinets.  At the same time our installers can install a wall mounted Cabinet with a Towel Bar.  Another option for towels would be a wall Cabinet with a Towel Rack.

Our Cupboard makers create custom unique wall Cabinets.  Some homeowners choose not to use pre-fab Cabinets.   They would rather have something that is custom.  For those homeowners we have our own Cupboard makers.

When your home is modern, our Cupboard makers can create a modern wall Cabinet.  Along with your wall Cabinet we can also create modern wall mount Vanity. Do you have a newer home and are doing a remodel? Along with the modern Vanity our Cupboard makers can create wall mounted bathroom medicine cabinets.

When you want to buy a wall Cabinet call us at (909)573-5844.  We can show you examples of available pre-fab or custom wall Cabinets.  For people who live in our service areas we can create either custom or pre-fab Cabinets.  We can also do your Bathroom remodel.  For people who live outside of our service areas we can sell pre-fab Cabinets.  Once we get the measurements for your Bathroom we can send the wall Cabinets.

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