We are dedicated to building Bathroom Cabinets with quality materials. Our Cabinet shop which is located in Diamond Bar, California.   Our craftsmen are experienced with wood working.    We also sell pre-fabricated custom Bathroom Cabinets.  They are made from high grade woods.

In the picture below, we did this Bathroom remodeling. When you are in need of remodeling and storage, we can design and build Bathroom storage Cabinets.  They are needed for linens and storage space.  These Cabinets were built custom.  The tile flooring compliments them.  In this master Bath we installed a Jacuzzi to match.

In the picture below the Bathroom Cabinets are attached to a Vanity.  These can be used for the storage of linens.  This creates additional storage space for the master Bath. We included a double Sink Vanity.  For homeowners who need more than one Sink these are a great solution.  When both a husband and wife have to get up and go to work in the morning, they do not have to wait on each other to brush their teeth and do their hair.  The double sinks save time in the morning routine.

custom bathroom cabinets for storage

bathroom storage cabinet


When we do your remodel, we can build and install a Medicine Cabinet.  Another term for these type of Cabinets are Bathroom Mirror Cabinets.  Our Cupboard makers can build them custom or we can sell pre-fab Cabinets.  These type of Cabinets can be used to store medicines.

Quite often linen Cabinets are not in the Bathroom.  For larger Baths, we can install linen Cabinets.  These type of Cabinets when in the Bathroom are good for towel storage.  They can also be used to store other linens.

When you have a washer and dryer in a Bath we can install a Bathroom wall Cabinet.  Wall Cabinets are good for the storage of laundry detergent and bleaches.  We can also install a corner Cabinet.  They can be used for figurines.  When you have more floor space in the Bath we can install a floor Cabinet.  A floor Cabinet is great for figurines or towels.

There are a lot of colors available.  In the picture above we installed a white Vanity.  We can use the colors of your choice.  There are also woods available with a choice of stains and varnishes.

To learn more feel free to call us at (909)573-5844.  We can provide a free estimate.  To inquire online fill out our request quote form.  We will contact you soon. When we contact you we can schedule a job walk.  During the job walk we can offer the required services for your project.  After the job walk we can provide a free estimate, draw up a contract and set a time for a contract signing.  When you sign our contract we can set a time to start on your project.

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