Doing a sunroom addition is a great way to add an entertainment room. Some homeowners improve their home by adding a sunroom.    They are also a great place to lay out in the summer time.  Like in the picture below some families choose to use it for dining.

Kitchen & Bath Werks is an experienced room addition contractor.  We are a trusted company in Southern California.  We are able to perform all contraction trades involved.  We minimize the use of sub contractors.  By minimizing the use of sub contractors we are able to ensure quality and timeliness.  Quite often when contractors use sub contractors it causes the project to take longer to complete.  Another problem with sub contractors is that it can be harder to control the quality of materials and work.  We always use the highest quality materials available.  Our craftsmen, electricians, framers, flooring installers and painters are professionals and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

sunroom additions

Have you been thinking of adding a room addition onto your home? Would you like to use it for dining or entertainment? For families who enjoy the sun a sunroom is a great solution.  Consult with us about your options.  We will be happy to talk to you about it’s design.  In some cases we use an interior designer to design a beautiful room.

For a free consultation feel free to call us at (909)573-5844.  We can provide a free quote. To inquire online use our request quote form.  We will contact you shortly.  When we do a job walk we can provide an offer to perform the services required by your project.  When you accept our bid we will draw up a contract and have a contract signing.  We will also schedule a time to start on your project.