Some homeowners when doing custom Kitchen remodeling desire to install Cupboards with Glass Doors.  There are several types of glass that can be used.  The most widely used would be clear glass.  In some cases homeowners may opt to install stained glass with their custom Cupboards.  Ask us about options for Glass Doors with your Cupboards.

Our Cupboard shop is dedicated to the highest quality construction.  Our custom and pre-fab Cupboards are built from quality materials.  We use real wood for Cupboard construction and real Glass in the case where we install Glass Doors.  Most Cupboards have wooden doors.

cupboards with glass doors

In the picture above, when doing a Kitchen remodel, we installed these Kitchen Cupboards.  Some of the wooden doors also have glass.  The glass gives the Cupboards a modern appearance.  The wood look gives the Kitchen a mountain cabin feel.

To find out more about Cupboards with Glass Doors for your Kitchen remodeling please feel free to call us at (909)573-5844.  We can provide a free estimate.  To inquire online fill out our request quote form.  We will contact you soon.

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