Kitchen & Bath Werks is a trusted cabinet shop.  Our shop builds contemporary Kitchen Cabinets.  Our craftsmen build custom designs for your Kitchen.  These designs can be contemporary. We specialize in custom Kitchen Cabinets.

For homeowners who want to save money, we can install pre-fab Kitchen Cabinets.  These Kitchen Cabinets come in a variety of colors.  We also have a choice of woods available. When doing your custom Kitchen remodeling, we have a team of Cabinet installers who do the installation of our custom and pre-fab Cabinets.

In the Kitchen remodel above, we used pre-fab black Kitchen Cabinets.  These Cabinets have a modern look.  To compliment the Cabinets, we installed white counter tops.  We also installed white, black and grey Tile.

To find out more about choices available in pre-fab and custom Cabinets please call us at (909)573-5844.  To inquire online fill out our request quote form.  We will contact you soon.  We can provide a free in home consultation.