When your going to do a Bedroom Addition for a new bundle of joy, your grandma or your other children, Kitchen & Bath Werks is a reliable room addition contractor.  Is your home too small for your growing family? This happens when young families buy a small house.  When their first child gets older they start having more kids.  They now have to make provision for two or three children.  It is difficult to make siblings share a room. When you have a two bedroom house you need to add a room when you have more than one child. Adding a bedroom addition when you have more than one child can make more space for your family. It might also be cost effective to add a bathroom addition for them as well. Another way to add more living space to the home is to do a master suite addition over the garage.

When you are adding a room to a house contact us, we are a room addition contractor.  We can make room for the new arrival.  A new nursery would be a great way of making room for a newborn. It is a lot more cost effective than buying a bigger house.

Master Suite Additions

Our craftsmen can build a master suite addition. When homeowners are adding a bedroom and bathroom to the home our company is capable of all trades needed to perform.  We have a Cabinet shop and flooring store where we are available by appointment only.   We have our own in house crews.  This enables us to eliminate sub contractors which helps us control quality.

adding a room or bedroom to a house or master suite addition

Adding a room for your grandma is one of the main reasons for doing a room addition. Is your grandma getting too old to live alone. A lot of elderly would rather live with family that in an assisted living facility.  Adding a private room for grandma can add value to the home.

We encourage homeowners to call us at (909)573-5844.  We can provide a free estimate.  To inquire online use our request quote form.  A sales representative will contact you shortly.  When we contact you we will set an appointment to consult about the requirement of your addition.  Once we have done a consultation about your new bedroom we can give you a free estimate.  After the estimate we can have a contract signing.