We have been offering our bathroom remodel for over 20 years.  Kitchen & Bath Werks is a reliable company.  We create solutions that bring new life into your bathroom.  We have remodeled over 700 homes throughout Southern California.  We are the leading remodeling contractor in the industry.

When we are doing a remodel, we build custom Bathroom Cabinets in West Covina.  We have a team of in house installers and re modelers that transform a bathroom remodel.  We can install one of several Cabinet styles.  For a more rustic look we can install wood Cabinets with your choice of stains and varnishes.  For a more modern look we have Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets that have a modern appearance.  We can offer a variety of styles that are either custom or pre-fabricated.  We can build custom Bathroom Cabinets in our shop.  Our pre-fabricated Cabinets are built by a company that uses quality materials.

Our interior designer works to make your dreams come true with a beautiful bathroom design.  We offer a variety of choices for flooring, tile, granite, marble, walk in tubs, vanities and much more.  Our ideas combined with your ideas help us to build your ideal bathroom.

Bathroom remodel and Cabinets in West Covina, California

Does your bathroom have old flooring that needs replaced? Is the vanity too small for your family?  Do your kids fight over the sink? When you call Kitchen & Bath Werks about solving these issues, we can provide solutions for your new Bathroom remodeling.  We have specialists in all trades of construction including plumbing, flooring, electrical and try not to use sub contractors.  This helps us to insure quality.

When you need to call us at (909)573-5844 to schedule an appointment, we can give you a free quote.  To inquire online fill out our request quote form.  We will contact you soon.  When we contact you we can set a time for a job walk and offer the required services.  After the job walk we can provide a free estimate and draw up a contract.  When you sign our contract we can set a time to start on your project.