We are a reliable bathroom remodel company in Walnut.  For a complete list of the cities we have in our service areas click here. We have been a reliable company for over 20 years. We can bring new life into bathroom Cabinets in Walnut, California. We have done a remodel on over 700 homes in surrounding cities to Walnut.

Bathroom Cabinets in Walnut, California

Are you a homeowner who is thinking about doing a bathroom remodeling.  Would you like to find a Cabinet shop that can build Bathroom Cabinets in Walnut. We are located near Walnut.

We are also a general contractor near Walnut.  We have had a contractors license for over 24 years.  Our Cabinet shop is located in Diamond Bar.  Our showroom is available by appointment only.  When you call us ask our general contractor about choices in custom and Pre-fabricated Cabinets.

Shaw Bathroom Flooring in Walnut, California

When you are considering doing complete bathroom remodeling one of the main things you need to replace is flooring.  In a lot of old homes they still have the original flooring and are in need of new flooring installation. We can install your choice of Shaw Bathroom flooring in Walnut.  This may include laminate, laminate wood, hardwood or tile flooring.  We have also have a team of in house carpet installers.  We install all types of flooring.

Bathroom Design Using an Interior Designer in Walnut, California

We use an interior designer when remodeling the inside of peoples homes.  With your Bathroom remodel, we can use our interior designer to design the look and feel of your master Bathroom.  Once we know what colors and materials to use our craftsmen build your ideal Bathroom design in Walnut.

Bathroom Vanity Installation in Walnut, California

When your about to buy a Bathroom Vanity in Walnut there are several things to think about.  If you have more space to work with you can install a double Vanity.  With this type of Vanity there are two Ceramic Basins mounted in two completely different Bathroom vanities that are all combined into one.  Another option is to go with the rustic look and install a wood Vanity.

We have our own general contractors license.  We have been a general contractor in Walnut offering Bathroom remodeling for over 24 years.  We have our own in house team so we are able to minimize the use of sub contractors.  We are capable of handling all the trades involved in your Bathroom remodel.  This helps us to control the quality and timeliness of our projects.

Your ideas are combined with our designs. We can build your bathroom remodel by using choices. These choices help us to build your bathroom.  We can install walk in tubs and vanities.

Bathroom remodeling, Cabinets, Vanity, Flooring and Jacuzzi in Walnut, California

In the picture above, we installed a wood Vanity.  To go along with the Vanity we installed a wood Bathroom Mirror.  Our flooring installers installed laminate flooring that complimented the feel of the whole bathroom transformation.  Our contractor also installed a Jacuzzi Bathtub in this master Bath.

Is your flooring getting well worn?  Does your vanity need replaced?  Does the master bath need new flooring?  We are experienced in a bathroom remodel.

Call us at (909)573-5844 to schedule an appointment and we can give you a free quote. Potential customers can also click on our request quote link.